Letter to my dear friend

( To my dear Friend )
Today, I am sitting in my dreamt-of beautiful garden. And I am thankful to God for this amazing life I have with my family. It has been a very interesting journey so far. But trust me – there were some hard times as well.
A few years ago I was wondering what does being on Earth means and what is the purpose of our existence here on Earth. And what happens in after-life (is there any?)?
And then many interesting things have happened. We decided to move out of Prague to our own house with a garden. After a half year of searching for a property, we found and bought a house that suited our wishes and possibilities. We bought the house in winter. It needed some renovations.
Once when we were cleaning a messy garden, I felt over and almost died.
It was a very bad fall. I carried a very heavy beam and when walking backward I fell on my back on a pile of other beams. I opened my eyes and felt blood. I looked around and next to my head was a huge spine. After a while when my brother helped me to stand up and get to the house, I realized that I was 3mm from death. And instantly I felt that I just received a new chance for a life.

So March 2nd, 2019 (it is the day of the fall) is my new birthday :). One year later here I am sitting on the bench and I am amazed how beautiful the Earth is and how great it is to live here. We just opened our new Photo studio Pelucha, here in the countryside and I am wondering who will find a way to us 🙂 As you know, I and my wife were living the last 15years in the capital city – Prague – and now we are in the middle of the countryside. What a change!! But so far we are all happy here and looking forward to every new day.

with love

Foto studio Pelucha

Zina and Boys

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