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We are a family team looking forward to serve you as wedding photographers delivering life-lasting beatiful photographs from your exclusive moments in life.


It was in 2001 when I left Prague for my first abroad living experience in London. Here I bought the first Canon camera and started to play with it. One Sunday when I walked through St James Park I captured a photo of ducks. My dear friend Karen saw it and said: “You have a talent, keep up.” So I kept. I trained, practiced and learned how to use the camera. After some time a friend of mine, Jirka, told me: “Let’s do an exhibition of your photos in Tokyo.” So we did and I sold my first photo there. A few years later I found myself working for a private photographic school (IDIF 2006-2009) where I managed photo courses and met plenty of great photographers such as Marian Benes, Kamil Rodinger, Vit Madr, Karel Pobrislo, Vladan Krumpl, Roman Pihan, prof. Vojtechovsky or Rober Vano. In 2010 I graduated from Charles University with Master of Physical Education and Sport degree. In the same year, 2010, I started the full-time freelance wedding and portrait photography journey.


First years were not easy but thankfully and gratefully for a big support of my wife, friends, and colleagues I made my way through the first years of finding the right way to serve and photograph people. I have been lucky enough to get some international awards for my wedding photographs as well as I could photograph weddings in some amazing venues in Czechia and abroad. In 2013 my wife Zina joined. Together we transformed our photography service to be more focus on helping people to enjoy their wedding day as well as deliver photographs in top class albums and printed photos for your living room.


We love to serve people a do wedding and portrait photos for people who like the style of our photos:) We offer all inclusive service and we are avilable worldwide (based in Prague, EU).


Our story began in 2005 when I met Zina in our friend’s car. From there it took 2 years till I proposed to Zina on one rainy day in a hotel room in New York. One year later we had a small civil wedding ceremony in Slovakia, as Zina lived in Dubai at that point and we wanted to make it quick and easy so we could see each other more often. In May 2011 we had our dream wedding in church in France with friends and family. From 2010 till 2013 Zina lived in Dubai so we had a “long distance” marriage. It was not easy but we are both grateful for this experience and now we are enjoying every day of our life together even more.

PS: Since April 2016 we have a new member to our family – Theodor Pio.

PS2 : Since April 2018 we have a new member to our family – Timotej Augustin.

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