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Petr Pělucha, photographer

I am a professional portrait and wedding photographer based in Všedobrovice, Prague.


It was in 2001 when I left Prague for my first abroad living experience in London. Here I bought the first Canon camera and started to play with it. One Sunday when I walked through St James Park I captured a photo of ducks. My dear friend Karen saw it and said: “You have a talent, keep up.” So I kept. I trained, practiced, and learned how to use the camera. After some time a friend of mine, Jirka, told me: “Let’s do an exhibition of your photos in Tokyo.” So we did and I sold my first photo there. A few years later I worked for a private photographic school (IDIF 2006-2009) where I managed photo courses and met with plenty of great photographers such as Marian Benes, Kamil Rodinger, Vit Madr, Karel Pobrislo, Vladan Krumpl, Roman Pihan, prof. Vojtechovsky or Rober Vano. In 2010 I graduated from Charles University with a Master of Physical Education and Sport degree. In the same year, 2010, I started the full-time freelance wedding and portrait photography journey.


The first years were not easy but thankfully and gratefully to the big support of my wife Zina (+2022), friends, and colleagues, I made my way through the first years of finding the right way to serve and photograph people. I have been lucky enough to get some international awards for my wedding photographs as well as I could photograph weddings in really unique venues in Czechia and abroad. The focus is on making people well not just on their wedding day but also in the portrait session, as well as delivering photographs in top-class printed quality or your living room and life-lasting albums for the memories to refresh…





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