Wedding at St. Havel Chateau of Anna and Sebastien

We first met Anna at a winter wedding fair in Prague. And to be honest, Anna was nicely different from most of the other brides. Having a clear vision of what she wanted for her Wedding at St. Havel Chateau in Prague, she went straight for it.
Anna was born in Slovakia, made her own way in life in a rather style with touching so many people around her… Sebastien, the amazing groom with a great smile, is from France. Therefore there were guests from all over the globe.
Visiting wedding fairs is mainly “girls’ stuff”, so I had the chance to get to know Sebastien later – in summer during our pre-wedding photo session in Prague. I had a laughing and caring groom to be in front of me. Both, Anna and Sebastien, are very nice and easygoing couple and I couldn’t wait to photograph their big day.
Their entire wedding at St. Havel Chateau was elegant and full of fun, especially the dancing part when all the groomsmen were dancing like professionals. And the midnight Redovsky dance, Slovak wedding tradition, was so great to watch and see the real dance:) And I can’t forget to mention how nice it was to watch cake cutting ceremony with all the sparklers around… As I said it was a very very nice wedding.

Anna, Sebastien, bonne chance et félicitations! 🙂 You are awesome and I keep you in my prayers.

Wedding venue: St. Havel Prague and Vysehrad Cathedral
Wedding coordination: White agency
Wedding photographer: Petr Pelucha

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