Our Zinushka

Our beloved ones,

With great pain in our hearts…

May 4, 2022 — I said goodbye to Zinushka in the morning as usual and she took the boys to the kindergarten. Then Zii went shopping and to school in Teptin, where she taught PE…

After 2 pm I received a call from her colleagues – Zinushka had collapsed and they took her to the hospital by helicopter. It was serious… I asked if I was needed to go there, but I wasn’t — the doctors were there on time. I cleaned up the lawnmower and got a call from the police that they were taking Zina’s things. I took them over and picked up kids from kindergarten. On the way, Theo told me he had seen a helicopter outside the woods, so I told him it was flying his mom to the hospital because her body was in serious condition. At home, we changed clothes and went to the hospital, where they told me this: …

… during the lesson, Zinushka started to have a headache, she grabbed her head and fainted down, her colleagues immediately began to give her first aid and in eight minutes the doctors were there. In the meantime, Zinushka’s heart stopped and she was transferred to Vinohrady Hospital by helicopter. The doctors did everything they could, but then they stated…

“Your wife’s blood vessel burst in her brain and the massive bleeding caused her heart to stop for a while. The massive bleeding caused brain damage that is incompatible with life. Your wife is now on life support and stable for the time being.”

And so we got the chance to say goodbye to Zinushka in person.

On 5/5/2022, the doctors determined that Zinushka had died.

On May 6, Zinushka donated two of her organs and saved the lives of others.

We will say goodbye to our beloved Zinushka on Saturday, May 14, 2022 at the Church of Narozeni Panny Marie in Mnichovice. The Holy Mass will begin at 3:00 p.m., before which it will be possible to say goodbye to Zinushka from 2:30 p.m.

After Mass, we will be happy to see you in the adjacent gardens, where there will be something to eat and a drink 🙂 there will be an opportunity to sit down and stay with us. There will be space for a pie and for talking, or memories with photos or writing them in a book. There will be plenty of space for children to play and even during Mass it is possible to be on a substitute around the church, which will be sounded.

Thank you for all your prayers and wishes.

PS: Floral arrangements will be provided, so no need for floral gifts. However, if you would like to contribute to the funeral, I would be very grateful (by envelope, or via bank transfer 2937114073/0800 – CZ42 0800 0000 0029 3711 4073).

With love and many thanks for your love for us,

Petr, Theo, Timo

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