The time flies

…I tell you Life can surprise, and that Path will lead you through everything; but you know it, already, don`t you.

As many of you know, last year my love, my wife Zina, died and from that moment everything changed completely. Everything become new but at the same time “old and familiar” and to learn to walk in it is still not as easy as one would like.

In the summer of 2023, I decided that the wedding of Petr and Florenc will be my last after 14 years, when I focused primarily on destination weddings in Prague and abroad. On the one hand, I took this step because the weekends became priceless for me and the boys, and on the other hand, after the 400 photographed weddings, I no longer feel the same drive as before. I’ve shifted my focus to business portraiture, which I can do when the boys are at school and the whole thing is a bit quieter than wedding events.

During the spring, I work for the A11 publishing house. Lots of interesting people to photograph, but I’m glad to be freelancing again. After all, it is more merciful for the time organization.

The boys are very perfect, I’m glad that they can go to kindergarten and school, which they enjoy, and it’s also great that they don’t carry homework. After all these years, I am takeing advantage of my training as an au pair, back then 20 years ago in London; you never know when something might come in handy :).

In the village, I was again elected as chairman of the settlement committee, so one has “diversification” of life with communal politics. It’s great when something gets done, big sewage projects and pond cleaning this year, but let me tell you, I could forgive myrself for some of the pain in the process.

The whole last year, a year and a half, was quite intense and full of new experiences. For example, when a person goes on a date for the first time as a widower, registers for dating sites, speed dating, acquaintances, camping, birthday parties, and then such everyday things as getting the boys ready for school, cleaning the chickens and all the things that a man does as a parent are kind of new experiences and I am glad that my being has an upward trend and there is more laughter at home than last year.

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