The autumn of 2020

A lot had changed from the last post in spring 2020… I have been becoming more of a daddy, gardener, and a local photographer:). Zina and the boys are doing well and I hope you are also doing well even the social and economical reality is changing rapidly (yes, I know, all the changes cost some energy, and thanks to it new things can appear).

A couple of years ago I was saying I will never do a Christmas theme in the studio and here we are… we created not one, but three! And I am extremely happy we can serve all the families and people from all over the country, which is fantastic. The studio also had expanded and the whole garden is slowly turning into a big photo canvas.

An in the garden itself we are just living in one of the best autumns ever! The weather, colors and all are just beautiful. As the whole countryside around our village is also full of colors.

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