Top 5 gardens for wedding photographs in Prague

Top 5 gardens for wedding photographs in Prague

For last 5 years, I have been shooting primarily weddings, pre-weddings, engagements and portraits in Prague. In this time I have visited many great places in Prague and I would like to share with you my favorite ones. This is a list of my top 5 gardens for wedding photographs in Prague. It is a variety of spots which offer plenty of angles, views and much more.

1# Garden on the Ramparts – Zahrada Na Valech

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The garden Na Valech forms the major part of the south Prague Castle´s front face.  It was transformed into a natural park in the 19th century. You will reach it via The Garden of Eden or from the Old Castle Stairs from Opyš. The first mention of this garden comes from 15th century. In 19th century did mister Plecnik “an update” on this garden into a shape of these days.

prague garden na valech Garden on the Ramparts Garden on the Ramparts Garden on the Ramparts

The good thing about this garden are big nice trees which give nice shadow in sunny days, superb view points over the city and generally nice light in any time over a day. Also there some nice walls and benches to use for wedding photographs..

garden wedding photography

2# Royal Garden – Královská Zahrada

The initial Renaissance garden created by Giovanni Spatio was inspired by the Italian style, with regular lines. Nothing is left from this original design, except for the sublime Queen Anne summer palace (or Belvedere). It is one of the most charming edifices built in an Italian Renaissance style in Bohemia.

royal garden prague
In the 17th century, the garden was already home to countless rare species, donated to various Emperors by distinguished guests. The very first tulips in Europe, offered by the Turkish sultan of Constantinople, were planted here. At the time of the rule of Rudolph II, the garden also included a menagerie (with lions, bears, tigers, parrots…), an orangery, and utilitarian plants.
To the South of the garden stands another Renaissance building displaying striking architectural qualities: it is the former real tennis room, built in the 1560’s by Bonifac Wohlmut. It is entirely decorated with black and white graffiti.

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As you see Royal garden has plenty to offer:) and to take wedding photographs here is just pleasure and beauty. Also, there are a couple of viewpoints on the castle – and St. Vit Cathedral. From this garden is no real view over the city but the garden itself has many nice corners and options to photograph your wedding.

st vitus prague wedding royal garden

3# Vojan Gardens – Vojanovy sady

The garden is considered the oldest partially preserved garden in Prague. Its melancholy seems to have survived from the Middle Ages when it was founded as a monastery garden. Here you can find peace from the bustle of the city, near a small lake in the shade of trees to rest on a bench and admire the stalactites decorate the chapel of St. Elijah with wall paintings and sundial from the 17th century. A wide staircase at the end of the garden leads to the observation terrace with benches and rose pergolas.

vojanovy sady praha

I personally love this garden for its peace and simplicity. The white benches and fruit trees make me always feel like being home, far from a city. I like to photograph here because it is one of the of beaten park in the city. This garden does not have any proper viewpoint or any great landmark, but it has the wonderful atmosphere and it slows you down.

vojanovy sady wedding

4# The Vrtba Garden – Vrtbovská zahrada

The Vrtba Garden is situated on the slope of Petřín Hill and is one of the most precious and beautiful of Prague’s Baroque gardens. The creation of this garden is associated with the construction boom around 1720. The garden was designed by František Maxmilián Kaňka. Unlike the garden which retained its Baroque style without any significant changes, the Vrtba Palace underwent radical changes during the following centuries. The statue and sculpture decorations were created by Matyáš Bernard Braun. In addition, painter Václav Vavřinec Reiner was involved in the masterpiece.


vrtbovska garden wedding

The interior decoration of the Sala Terrena has survived in its original designs until today. The fresco on the vault depicting Venus and Adonis was painted by Václav Vavřinec Reiner. In 1990 – 1998, the Vrtba Garden underwent overall reconstruction, following previous static reinforcement. The renovated garden was opened for public on 3 June 1998.

vrtbovska garden prague

This garden is simply superb for photographing weddings and almost every bride and groom love this place. It has one very pretty view over the entire old city and many many nice corners. The garden is always in a perfect condition ( as all other Prague garden) with plenty of flowers, rose wall and well-shaped bushes. You can generally photograph here any time of a day but later summer afternoon brings nice light into the garden. And if it rains you can use Sala Terrena as a great outdoor wedding studio:)

vrtba garden wedding garden wedding photograph prague

5# Černinský Palace Garden

The history of the 1.72 ha garden dates back to the 17th century. In the 1990s it was completely reconstructed. It now comprises of a French park and English garden boasting fountains and unique views of the Loreta.

cernin palace gardengarden wedding photography

The garden is not big but is just a pleasure to be here. You have a great view over Cernisky Palace, which is majestic. There are lovely fountains, benches and generally no guards, so if put your legs in the fountain it gives you a nice refreshment in a summer heat. I love this garden because of the shapes and little people. Early morning sun brings great light to the Palace and evening sun lights up the big tress for nice backlight photos:)

garden prague garden wedding photography Cerninsky palace garden 6

There is many other gardens in Prague where you can photograph weddings, portrait and so on and which are worth to visit but these are my top 5 where I like to photograph my clients with a nice surroundings and views over the city of Prague.

This a bonus from a lovely garden in Troja:

wedding garden troja


Next time will visit top 5 view points for Prague lovers:)

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Photographs: Petr Pelucha

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