I have photographed weddings in different locations, but the wedding in beer museum was something new for me, something I was curious about and at the same time looking forward to.

A few months ago Lars and Sandra approached me and asked me to be their wedding photographer. We have met earlier in our Pelucha photography studio and for the engagement shoot in Prague, got to know each other and familiarized ourselves with each other’s ideas and personalities. Wedding in winter is not very common, but who says it’s not as beautiful and enjoyable as the summer ones?

Bride Sara is originally from Australia, she and Lars met in Germany and settled down here. As they both like beer and cozy places, wedding in beer museum was a good choice 🙂
The wedding ceremony was nice and simple, the Spalt museum offers beautiful and historically romantic spaces, so taking pictures here was a pleasant task. For the venue, we moved to, where it all continued in similar bavarian style – starting with the setting, nice cakes, good food and of course a great deal of fun. Sandra and Lars, as well as their guests, enjoyed the party, both Germans and Australians know well how to do it 🙂
Our newlyweds showed the sense for humor, as they were cutting their wedding cake. I am wondering – and have forgotten to ask them about that – why mouses? I bet there’s a story behind it..who knows, maybe I’ll find out soon 🙂

Sandra, Lars – it was my pleasure to be present at your warm-hearted wedding in beer museum. Wish you lots of positivity and joy for all those years to come…

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