Kylie a Michael, wedding of two wonderful people

Wedding Aberdeenshire

Kylie a Michael, wedding of two wonderful people

This was simply a very beautiful wedding of two young people who are in a deep deep love!

I met Kylie and Michael in Prague in fall last year. Since then I watched their perfect wedding preparations- e.g. they made hundreds of paper birds, tags of all guests and so on! And when me and Zina arrived to the wedding venue we were more than sure that this is a wedding of true love. And it was.. All was nicely prepared, Kylie and Michael were smiling all day long and the only tears, I saw, were in church and when the speeches touched everybody’s heart. I think this was a wedding in aberdeenshire that will be remembered for a long long time!

Dear Kylie and Michael, we wish all the very best! You are great ideal of love and friendship for us and we wish you a lot of happy days in your life.

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