Friday in the garden

I’d like to introduce myself today, personally 🙂 A year and a half ago, I became a husband and father more than being a professional wedding photographer. It started by searching for a new house, reconstructing it, and now I’m in the garden next to our photo studio, marveling and saying to myself: God, this is beautiful, thank you for the idea becoming a reality.

Then I take the shovels and go to plant hydrangea flower while talking on the photo with a photo client. Before I get to the end of the garden, I will start thinking about sewerage, because in a few days there will be local talks about it and I have been elected as chairman of the settlement committee :). So now I have these main topics in my life to solve – family, photography and help in the village. Looks like we have an interesting time ahead…

Anyway, here I would like to share “something out of the garden” and wish you a wonderful weekend.

Our foto studio, garden view


My friend and his son Andelin in our studio.

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