What keeps me shooting

What keeps me shooting

Wedding photography is a huge competition. Not just in Prague, but all over the world. Throughout the period I dedicated my life to a professional wedding photography, I have met a lot of interesting people. Majority of them are my fantastic brides and grooms as well as other great clients, who appreciate photographs that I make. I also met many other photographers and wedding vendors, who do a great job and it is fun to have them around. And of course I met couple of people who are less fun when having them around.
petr pelucha photographing on a wedding
Anyway, why I am writing this post. It is simple. We are getting to the end of wedding season 2015 and it is time to recapitulate and at the same time think ahead. So far in my career I had photographed couple of hundreds of brides and one can think it is becoming boring and all is the same. I am finding out it’s quite the other way round.

To photograph someones wedding is a huge honour and prestige for me, as well as responsibility. And on the other hand I see more and more clearly the importance of a wedding as great commitment and celebration in a life of a man and a woman. And the fact that wedding with it`s commitment is incredibly important for me, is just something I believe is worth to be photographed.

wedding photographer Pelucha

So what keeps me shooting? The fact that my photographs can make someones life a little bit nicer and happier. And that I can capture a truly beautiful and great moments in someones life. Basically it doesn’t necessarily need to be just wedding photography I am talking about. People, emotions and capturing beauty of men is helping me to be who I am…

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