Stolen photo equipment

Stolen photo equipment

What to do, when your photo equipment, that you’ve been thoroughly putting together for six years, has been stolen? Let’s start from the beginning.

On Thursday, April the 7th 2016, I was photographing an event for the Filip Sajler’s company Perfect Catering. During the shoot, I realised it was the last night when me and my wife Zina were a family of two. On Friday Zina was scheduled for a maternity hospital … That’s why we thought, it would be nice to go somewhere for a romantic dinner. As our favourite Marina Grosseto was fully booke, we dug out a voucher from a friend and went for a dinner to Oblaca at Žižkov tower. We parked the car under the tower on the totally visible parking spot and in being-in-love-mood we left for our 1,5 hour long dinner. When we came back, the car was properly locked, undamaged and so we drew home. And just then, when I opened the trunk, I froze…

What came next.

After police arrived, collected fingerprints, protocol, serial numbers, etc., it was almost time to take Zina to maternity hospital. And I started sorting out things. I began writing down equipment and posted it immediately on FB. It started an incredible wave of solidarity, that gave me energy. Then, being full of both despair and hope I visited several thrift shops, which have already been previously checked out by my friends Klára, Jarda and David.

ukradená technika

Thank you

It was lovely to feel and see how many people offered immediate assistance. This way I would love to thank Libor Svoboda, Dan Vojtěch, Jirka Shott, Simona Nálepková, Tomáš Barčík, Roman Pihan, Peťa Šimáčková, Ariana, Jiří Svoboda, Veronika Šimáčková and finally Pavel Šerý from Canon, Magda and Mrs. Staňková from Nikon, Marian from Darian, Mr. Stejskal from Hama, as well as parents and friends who supported me in continuing the unfinished work. Thank you all so much!

New beginning

Stealth of the photo equipment – a complete set 🙂 I faced several dilemmas. What’s up next? Should I give up? Go to school and teach? I decided not to give up so easily 🙂 I’m not leaving all the unfinished work and breaking the commitment to my brides and grooms.
And another question is – Canon or Nikon …

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